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Changing operator is as easy as ABC

Becoming a VOO customer is even easier with Easy Switch.

What exactly is Easy Switch?
Easy Switch is a procedure that aims to make it easier for you to move your your Internet and TV services to another operator, as your new operator is responsible for contacting your former operator to terminate them on your behalf. The purpose of this procedure is to ensure that the customer doesn't suffer service interruption or double billing during a change of operator, or at least within a timeframe acceptable to the customer.

In practice, if you have Internet and/or TV services with another operator, VOO will take care of terminating these services for you. With this procedure, all your Internet and TV subscriptions are terminated, so you cannot decide to keep either of these services with your former operator.

If you wish, VOO can also take care of the transfer or termination of landline and/or mobile telephone numbers held with this operator.

By using Easy Switch, you mandate VOO to terminate your services with your former operator. You can always decide to terminate your services yourself.

When ordering, have the following information at the ready:

The customer number assigned by the operator you are leaving

Your Easy Switch iD?

The list of the landline and/or mobile telephone number(s) you wish to transfer or terminate

As of July 2017, this information will appear on your bill, welcome letter or in your online personal account.

When installing your VOO services

The technician will ask you to sign the transfer mandate, which contains all the information VOO needs to carry out the Easy Switch procedure.

When your VOO services are up and running, this mandate will be sent to your former operator to terminate your services. Your former operator then has 2 days to cancel your services, as well as the associated billing. As a result, double billing is limited to a maximum of 2 working days.

Please note that you are required to fulfil all your existing contractual obligations towards the operator you are leaving. These obligations include:

  • Payment of outstanding bills.
  • Payment of the early termination fee (to find out if you have signed a fixed-term contract or a repayment plan with your operator, you can consult your contract or last bill, which lists this information).
  • The return of the equipment (decoder, modem, etc.), according to the terms and conditions defined by your former operator - in case of non return, your former operator may charge you additional costs.

For VOO customers, do not hesitate to call us on 078/50.50.50 or visit the VOOassistance web page for more information.

Your rights during an Easy Switch procedure

By using Easy Switch, you also have the following specific rights:

  • Number transfer, retention or loss

    According to the law, the loss of the telephone service provided to the subscriber during the number transfer procedure cannot exceed 1 business day. You must agree on a specific date for transferring the number with your operator. If the transfer takes more than one business day after the activation of the telephony service, or if the agreed date is not respected, you are entitled to compensation. Please contact your new operator for this purpose. For more information on your right to compensation in the event of a delay in transferring the number, please consult the following link:

  • Retention of your e-mail address and access to your current online personal account

    If you have an e-mail address with the name of your current operator, you will have free access to your e-mail for 18 months after the operator change. Your online personal account with your current operator remains accessible for 6 months. These services are granted by your current operator either automatically or upon request.

  • On-site technician

    When your new operator informs you of the need for one or more visits to your home by a technician, the technician must send you a report describing the activities carried out during these visits. This report serves as proof of his visit even in your absence. If the report of the technician's visit does not show that the technician called at the agreed time, you are entitled to compensation of € 10 per missed appointment. Please contact your new operator for this purpose.

  • Other

    • Easy switch allows you to choose the termination date and, if you so wish, to maintain the services activated with both operators for a given period; In the latter case, the operator you are leaving will continue to charge you for services until the agreed date.
    • Easy switch arranges for the consumer to receive compensation if the technician fails to turn up for a scheduled appointment.

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