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L'installation des services VOO: C'EST FACILE!

My home is not connected to the VOO network

There is no coaxial cable connecting your home to the public road network (terminal, pole, facade) and/or there is no supply point in your home.

VOO will probably have to carry out modifications to its network and/or inside your property.

Submit a request for a connection to the VOO network

Whether your home is currently under construction or undergoing major renovations or you are moving into an existing home, please submit your application for a connection by dialling 0800/800 25. Our Engineering Department will examine your application, organise an on-site visit (if necessary) and examine the connection itself. Which means you will be getting personalised advice adapted to your specific situation!

For new build constructions or major renovations to your home, we insist that you apply for a connection in advance so you can plan the necessary work (in particular regarding landscaping and paving) and ensure the best possible, visual solution for your connection.

In addition, if possible we recommend that you order your VOO service (digital TV, VOOcorder, TEL and/or NET) at the same time as the connection request: in most cases, the connection and the installation of these products will be performed by the technician during one and the same appointment, which means a more convenient solution for you! (maximum 2).

  • We send out a technician to the place of connection.
  • The connection of your home to the public road network, the installation of a supply point and the connectors.
  • A check of the cable television line inside your home at the supply point.
  • Connection to/entry into service of the requested services.
  • A check of the quality of the image on the sockets (if they were installed in advance during construction).
  • Pull the connection cable (aerial, underground) between the public road network and the supply point.
  • If your indoor installation requires a technical modification (adding television sockets, laying a coaxial cable, changing the supply point, fitting an amplifier), the technician will first provide you with a quote. Once the quote is signed by an authorised person, the work will be carried out immediately if the scope of the work is limited or will be carried out within the framework of a new appointment.
  • These services are billed at the applicable rate. No promotion or reduction applies to these rates.
  • Access to/entry into service of analogue television.
  • Lay the duct (underground connection) in a private property.
  • The electrical connection to supply the amplifier.
  • In the event of underground connections, digging on private property.
  • Pipe chases in the walls for the cables

Execution of connection works and installation of the services

VOO handles the connection of your home to the cable television network and the access to analogue cable television.

A technician will call round at yours on the date and within the time slot agreed with our Customer Services. This date and time slot will be confirmed to you by text message. The technician will call round either in the morning between 8 a.m. and 1 p.m. or in the afternoon between midday and 6 p.m.
If necessary and to avoid any surprises, the technician will prepare a based on our applicable rates at the time of the connection but before any work has been carried out. Our technician will only start the connection works and the installation once this quote has been formally accepted.