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Zoomit, now in your PC-Banking. You are going to like it!

With Zoomit, you can receive and pay your VOO bills electronically.

Zoomit is a free new tool incorporated into your Internet banking service and allowing you to receive, view, archive and pay your VOO bills easily and safely, under your control. A few clicks and you're ready to pay!

How does this work?

When a new bill is available in your Internet Banking inbox, you are informed by e-mail. Your electronic bill is identical to the paper version. You can approve and pay them with just a few clicks, With Zoomit, you can get rid of all the paperwork and help to protect the environment.

The advantages of Zoomit

  • Free

    You can take advantage of the VOO/Zoomit service entirely free. It will cost you not a penny!

  • Quick

    You just check, pay and download your VOOO bills. It is done in a click!

  • Time saving

    You pay your bills on time, with no bad surprises and no risk of forgetting to pay! Not yet paid your bill? You will also receive an e-mail to remind you just a few days before the final payment date.

  • Secure

    Your personal data and access to your document are protected by your Internet Banking system.

  • Clear

    Your bills are carefully filed in just one secure location. No need to pile up documents at home and search for them desperately when you need them.

  • Practical

    You can manage and pay your bills wherever you are: at home, in the office or even on holiday, you always have access to your Internet Banking account.

  • Ecological

    You help to protect the environment by eliminating paper. Less waste!.

Banks compatible with the Zoomit application

  • Bnp-Paribas Fortis


Want to know more about this application or watch demos about how it works with Internet banking?

Visit or call: 0+32 (0)78 50 50 50