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As at 1 July 2019*

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Monthly fees


Monthly subscription


95 €/month

Details Rates all-in

Cable subscription 20,50 €

.évasion 8,95 €

NET One 83,95 €

TEL One 22,95 €

Mobile One 12,00 €
Total 148,35 € VAT included.

Offer price ONE 95 € VAT included.

Your advantage 53,35 € VAT included.

Information sheet


Single cost


Activation fee


Reactivation fee

after service was suspended


Reminder fee


Migration charge .évasion

See terms and conditions

Standard installation fee


Soir installation fee


Weekend installation fee


Moving costs

out first connection


Work and services




Box .évasion rental


Subscription to TV cable


An extra TV included of your choice

Be tv or VOOsport World or Family Fun

Family Fun

19 extra channels
for the whole family


Discover More

21 essential channels
to quench your thirst
for discovery



Enjoy all the Belgian football and basketball



Video on demand



Watch TV on all your devices


Be tv


VOOsport World


Bouquet Disney CINEMA






additional volume



Free internet
everywhere in Belgium


VOO Internet Security

The best connection deserves
the best protection




Fixed to mobile calls


Landline to landline calls


International Option

Free calls to landline
numbers in 64 countries


8 free Telephone services

  • Keep your current number
  • Display the caller's number
  • Identify and call back the last caller
  • Hide your number for one call
  • Hide your number always
  • Display your number for one call
  • Second call signal
  • Block calls to premium rate numbers


Second line One


Téléphone Siemens DECT AP280

40€ (single cost)

* - Except for encoding error

Terms and conditions

Terms and conditions

1 Terms and conditions of the migration charge for VOOcorder customers

In the event a subscription is taken out for IDTV with the box .evasion or a pack containing an IDTV service with the box .evasion, VOO customers who already have a VOOcorder and who do not add a new service or complementary service to their subscription will be liable only for the migration charge (€ 60).

2 50€ in case of TV opening with technician on-site without customer visit.

Withdrawal right

In cases of distance selling or off-premises selling, and only in these cases, the subscriber has a 14-day right of withdrawal. This means that they have the right to notify VOO that they are cancelling their subscription contract and/or their purchase without penalty and without giving any reason within 14 calendar days from the day following the day on which the subscription contract was concluded or on which they received their equipment, in the event of a purchase.

Under the law, however, the subscriber loses this right of withdrawal when ordering digital content not supplied on a tangible medium, such as an audiovisual program ordered via the "on demand" service, Family Fun, VOO Internet Security, etc. and requests that this service is provided to them before the expiration of the 14-day withdrawal period.

In the case of internet, television and landline phone services, the subscriber may request their activation before the expiration of the withdrawal period, by making the appointment with the VOO engineer before the expiration of that period for example. In this case, they do not lose their right of withdrawal, but if they exercise this right, they shall owe VOO an amount proportional to the services provided and consumed until such time as VOO was informed of their withdrawal decision.

In the event that the subscriber has the right of withdrawal and wishes to exercise this right, they may use the following template form or write an unequivocal statement setting out their decision to withdraw from the contract. This document must be sent to VOO before the expiration of the 14 day withdrawal period.

In case of withdrawal, the subscriber shall, at their own expense, without undue delay and, in any event, no later than fourteen calendar days following notification of their withdrawal decision to VOO, return to VOO all equipment provided or purchased. The equipment can be returned to any VOO store.

Before exercising their right of withdrawal, the subscribers may only use the equipment received or made available insofar as necessary to establish the nature, characteristics and proper operation of the equipment. Thus, the subscriber may only handle and inspect them with all the necessary caution to the extent permitted in a store. VOO will process the refund within 14 days of recovery of the equipment and verification of its condition.

Note relating to the Digital TV card

In the case of a digital TV card, the subscriber may insert the card into the TV but may not damage the packaging, remove the protective materials or ask VOO for its activation. When using the Digital TV card beyond what is allowed, VOO will be entitled to charge the subscriber for its depreciation. Please note, activating the digital TV card renders it unusable by any other customer and therefore in this case, the subscriber shall be liable to VOO for the entirety of its real value.

Withdrawal form