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The évasion box

Discover a whole
new TV experience

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.evasion .liberté

Display the video wall, browse the different special-interest themes, movies, series, etc. Did you miss the start of a programme? Rewind the programme and watch it from the beginning. You can rewind up to 7 days in time!


.evasion .intuition

Discover the highly responsive and intuitive interface. The box remembers your preferences and suggests programmes that match your taste. Magic.


.evasion .plaisir

A wide variety of applications are available: weather, information, games, cooking, etc. Use the media center to get music, photos and videos. And last but not least, we communicate with you in real time by sending messages.

Restart a programme
Replay a programme
Remote recording programme
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Restart a programme1

You were delayed? No problem. You can return to the beginning of the current programme, even if you missed the beginning.

See the terms and conditions


Replay a programme1

Now there's always something interesting to watch on TV, thanks to Television on Demand. This feature allows you to watch or rewatch the TV programmes that were broadcast during the last seven days.

What is the Catch-up TV functionality on the .évasion box? >

See the terms and conditions



Gives you the freedom to improvise. To go out with peace of mind. Relax because one, two or even three programmes can be recorded simultaneously while you're away.

How do I record a TV programme with the .évasion box? >


Remote recording programme

Switch channels on your TV via your smartphone, tablet or Apple Watch. With VOOmotion, you can now easily programme the recording of your favourite shows from your smartphone or tablet wherever you are.

How to use the Remote recording programme? ›



You can now renumber your channels and change their order.

I'm interested in the .évasion box

Removable hard drive

Recording is unlimited, thanks to removable hard drives! In addition, you can purchase other hard drives for long-term storage of your favourite recordings.

logo voomotion

VOOmotion is a service provided by VOO that allows you to watch TV, video on demand (VOD) on your computer, tablet and smartphone, anywhere in Belgium using a VOO Wi-Fi network or one of the 1.5 million Wi-Free access points.

I'm interested in the .évasion box


Video wall

The interface of the .évasion box redefines your TV experience. It provides an overview of all the current programmes sorted by genre.

What is the video wall? >


Guide by genre

A new handy GUIDE BY GENRE (films, sports, series, documentaries) to access your programmes by genre or time of day.



Receive suggestions for TV programmes which are available or in Video on Demand and which match the programmes that you usually watch. From now on you only watch the things you like to watch.


Intuitive interface

You have easier access to your channels, your recordings and your Video on Demand catalogue, thanks to a new, more ergonomic, fast and fluid interface.


Smart remote control

An even smarter remote control with the possibility of accessing your 4 guides (SCHEDULE, VIDEO WALL, MAGAZINE and GUIDE BY DAY) in only a few clicks.


Jump 24 hours in your Guide

Even simpler browsing with the 24-hour jump in your GUIDE just by clicking on the >> or << buttons on your remote control.

Remote control

A newly designed and intuitive remote control makes life easier for you. In your hand, the remote control responds to your every command. Just press the OK button for information about the programme that you are watching, record the programme, or select the original or French version.

How to use the remote control ? (FR) ›

Enhanced remote control

With VOOmotion, transform your tablet, smartphone and Apple Watch into a enhanced remote control for the .évasion box.

How to use the enhanced remote control ? (FR) ›


Watching TV is a pleasure with the .évasion box. Pure entertainment. Passionate. Seductive. Feast your eyes on the programme guide or the video wall. Images, audio, action. And you are the master of ceremonies.


Discover a host of super usefyl pre-installed apps on the .é for all the latest news and the weather at a glance, for watching a video on YouTube and much more.

Choose an app :

The app which puts you in the driver’s seat. With several videos: the latest car news, car specs, car reviews and more.

Use the VOOtube app to watch any YouTube content on your TV. Powered by Youtube.

Test your movie, TV, music, people and culture knowledge. Hundreds of questions to answer alone, with your family or friends.

A must-have app for foodies, with more than 60,000 recipes to pick from, which have been tested by other users and hundreds of how-to videos.

Listen to over 35,000 radio stations and podcasts from around the world for free. Choose from Music, Sports, News, Talk, Humour and so on.

All the latest Belgian and international weather updates with ourly weather forecasts for the next ten days.

All the latest local, Belgian and international news, 24/7.

Your direct access to the VOOassistance videos, which you can watch on your TV. Using your VOO services has just become much easier!

How to access the applications? (FR)›

Your selection (wish list) NEW

An even more personalised selection with the creation of your own selection of programmes on demand to watch whatever you want at a time that suits you. This can be found in the “YOUR SELECTION” tab.

Media center

Do you archive your holiday photos or videos and favourite music on your PC? With your new decoder, you can see them directly on the screen of your TV.

How do I get the évasion box ?

  • You already have the VOOcorder and want to replace it with the .évasion box ?

    It's very easy : just apply for the new box and get the latest and greatest technologies in your home. So, ready to embark on a new adventure ?

  • You don't have a VOO TV subscription yet ?

    Enjoy all the features of the .évasion box with VOO's offers. Note that the .évasion box is included in One, the All‑in Pack.

Terms and conditions for the .évasion box

1 Restart a programme

The "Watch and Replay" and "The last 7-days" features are available within the limits of the available programmes/channels.

2 Migration charge for VOOcorder customers

VOO customers who already have a VOOcorder and who are not adding a new service to their subscription will only be charged a migration fee (€ 60).