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21 channels to satisfy your thirst for discovery: History, music, travel, lifestyle, news… You won’t believe your eyes when you see these must-have channels for culture vultures! €14.99 /month

  • Viceland

    Viceland Chaine 109

    For a deeper insight into our age, its diversity and cultural changes, Viceland offers a critical look at our society and its trends.

  • Planète +

    Warner Chaine 92

    Investigative journalism, history, society, throw yourself into the world of yesterday, today and tomorrow.

  • Planète + CI

    Planète + CI Chaine 93

    When fact is darker than fiction, discover the most thrilling true stories of these last few years.

  • Planète + AE

    Planète + AE Chaine 94

    For those looking for adventure and extreme sensations, Planète + AE ventures beyond borders for a close-up encounter with passionate and fascinating people.

  • Science&Vie TV

    Science&Vie TV Chaine 83

    Learn, understand, decipher, analyse, get to grips with sciences and their secrets.

  • Nat Geo Wild

    Nat Geo Wild Chaine 91

    The wildlife and wonders of the planet, Nat Geo Wild takes you on a journey to the four corners of the planet.

  • Animaux

    Animaux Chaine 86

    Know, understand, care for and love… Discover the wonderful animal kingdom and explore the fragile world of nature.

  • Histoire

    Histoire Chaine 81

    Discover this unique channel dedicated to documentaries and legendary personalities not forgetting culture and its history.

  • Toute L'Histoire

    Toute l'Histoire Chaine 82

    To help us remember the past to better understand the present, the channel gives you a daily appointment with its programmes, films, reports, magazines, series, documentaries…

  • My Cuisine

    My Cuisine Chaine 102

    Practical and fun programmes, superstar chefs, culinary getaways… To whet your appetite!

  • Voyage

    Voyage Chaine 88

    Find inspiration, escape, pack your bags, Voyage is the channel of discovery and great escapes!

  • Trek

    Trek Chaine 89

    Ultra Trail World Tour, Ultimate Rush, extreme climbing, push back your limits!

  • My Zen TV

    My Zen TV Chaine 106

    Breathing exercises, relaxation, stretching, yoga, pilates, self-massages, look after yourself on My Zen tv.

  • Seasons

    Seasons Chaine 84

    Reports, documentaries, magazines, whatever the season, nature lovers will have an eyeful.

  • Chaine 118

    Attention all lovers of jazz and the music inspired by it such as Soul music, Funk or the Blues, tune in to and get carried away by the rhythms.

  • Mezzo

    Mezzo Chaine 119

    Always closer to your favourite artists! Every month composers or repertoires are put in the spotlight through concerts, shows, live broadcasts and portraits!

  • MTV Hits

    MTV Hits Chaine 111

    Find the latest videos from your favourite artists. Catch up with the latest music news and star news, not to mention brand new series and programmes.

  • Trace Urban

    Trace Urban Chaine 116

    Star news, music, lifestyle and culture, welcome to the first 100% afro-urban channel.

  • RFM TV

    RFM TV Chaine 115

    True to the vibe and musical diversity of RFM Radio, RFM TV brings The Best of Music to your television screen!

  • C News

    C News Chaine 146

    All the world news is on C News. Reports, live broadcasts, interviews, programmes, the greatest journalists are out there reporting from the scene and investigating behind the scenes to get you the truth.


    BFMTV Chaine 145

    Find all the latest political, social, economic, sporting and international news live, in pictures and videos.

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