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Just choose
your broadband data volume


Unlimited calls and texts
Data galore


Unlimited calls and texts
Data galore


Unlimited calls and texts
Data galore


Just leave it to us!

  • Transfer your current number
    You don’t need to lift a finger. It's free and there's no interruption of service.
  • Express delivery of your SIM card
    You receive it 24 to 48 hours after your order.

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Of course you can also take advantage of our new mobile deals! We explain how to do this on VOOassistance.

VOO's cell phone is a
3-in-1 package

Data galore

It's up to you to choose the broadband data volume that suits your usage: 5 GB, 15 GB or 30 GB? Surf the net effortlessly thanks to the fastest network in your region!

Continuous data guarantee

Go on surfing, even when you’ve used up all your broadband data volume! Only your speed is limited to 512 kbps. And you can always activate the 2GB SOS Data option.
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Unlimited calls and texts

Call and send texts in Belgium without keeping track of your use! Mobile with VOO means no out-of-bundle or nasty surprises on your bill. You can contact your loved ones at any time.

Our rates

Outside the package

0,23€/min et 0,07€/SMS0,25€ /MMS0,10€ /Mo

Special numbers

070 xxx xxxMax 0,30€ /minuteGeneral
0900 xxx xxxMax 0,50€ /minuteGeneral
0901 xxx xxxMax 0,50€ /minuteGeneral
0902 xxx xxxMax 1€ /minuteGeneral
0903 xxx xxxMax 1,5€ /minuteGeneral
0904 xxx xxxMax 2€ /minuteTV games
0905 xxx xxxMax 2€ /callGames/entertainment
0905 1xx xxxMax 2€ /callTV games
0906 xxx xxxMax 1€ /minuteGeneral
0907 xxx xxxMax 2€ /minuteFor adults
0909 xxx xxxMax 31€ /AnrufGeneral

Text/MMS to special numbers

2xxxMax 1€ per TEXTServices subject to charge
3xxxMax 4€ per TEXTServices subject to charge
4xxxMax 31€ per TEXTPayment services
5xxxMax 0,50€ per TEXTGames, logos, ringtones
6xxxMax 2€ per TEXTGames, logos, ringtones
61xxMax 2€ per TEXTTV games
7xxxMax 4€ per TEXTFor adults
8xxxMax 0€ per TEXTFree services
9xxx2€ per TEXT sent or receivedSubscription service for logos and ringtones
Our terms and conditions
Unlimited Mobile Plans

All VOO’s “unlimited” offers are solely intended for normal, personal and private use. This normal usage allows the customer to make intensive use of the services provided by VOO. Usage that exceeds a total of 6000 call minutes and 6000 texts per month (1 call minute = 1 text) is considered to be abnormal. In the event of abnormal usage, VOO will bill the customer a € 0.23 supplement for every additional call minute and € 0.07 for every additional text.

Option Data

Offer valid while stocks last for all new subscriptions to the Data Option taken out with VOOmobile’s Smartphone Special Offer with a 24-month commitment period for the Smartphone.. The Option is only accessible in conjunction with a VOOmobile subscription, twice per customer number. This offer is available only to customers who are up to date with their payments for at least 3 months as subscribers to a VOO interactive service (internet, interactive television and/or landline telephone) or for at least 6 months to analogue/digital VOO television or VOOmobile. The smartphone can be picked up from the VOO shops or delivered directly to the customer at the address given in Belgium subject to payment of the invoice for the smartphone. The unused data volume in any given month cannot be carried forward to the following month. The mobile internet data volume included in the deal is valid in Belgium and in Europe.

The Europe option

The Europe Option enables you to call for 60 minutes and send 60 text messages from Belgium to Europe. If you exceed these limits, the standard rate applies. One Europe Option per SIM card. The call minutes and text messages included in the Europe Option are not valid towards satellite networks or special numbers (voting, 0900, etc.). Any minutes and text messages left unused in any given a month cannot be carried forward to the next month. Calls to a European country are billed per second from the 31st second. All calls are billed for the first 30 seconds.

Countries covered by the Europe Option Andorra, Austria, Azores/Madeira, Bulgaria, Canary Islands, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Faeroe Islands, Finland, France, Germany, Gibraltar (UK), Greece, Guernsey (UK), Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Isle of Man (UK), Italy (*), Jersey (UK), Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Monaco, The Netherlands (**), Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, United Kingdom, Vatican/San Marino (*) Except for post codes 310, 313, 350, 319: will be billed as an ‘international zone 3’ rate destination (**) Except for post codes 6320, 6321, 6322, 6351, 6560, 6561, 6587, 6588, 6589, 6590, 6591, 6592, 6593, 6800, 6801, 6866, 688: 6593, 6800: will be billed as an ‘international zone 3’ rate destination

078 Rates

Calls to 078 numbers are included in your flat rate plan or are billed as nationwide calls that come outside of the flat rate plan if you do not have an active national flat rate plan or if you have exhausted your call minutes.

for 9 months