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HERO doubles its data
for 12 months!

Finally a generous plan that doesn’t claim to be low cost. It just is!
Need even more data? Add the Databoost option (8 Go for 8€).

4 Go  2Go  of data
1000 minutes or SMS*

Option Databoost
14 22 €/month

VOOmobile: mobile plans

budget maitrise

So much generosity for such an unbelievably low price.

1000 minutes or texts, that’s up to 16 hours of calling. 2 GB or 10 GB of data: this package will cover all your needs.


16 hours of calling or 1000 texts to use as you see fit.

No more picking between call plans or text plans, consume according to your needs. With hero, your consumption is deducted automatically from your plan (1 text = 1 call minute).

forfait simple

A simple plan that adapts to your needs.

hero includes 2 GB of data, or 10 GB with the Databoost option of 8 GB. It’s up to you! And it also gets you a smartphone for less.

Need unlimited calls and SMS?
Discover our Mobile Packs

Pack icones One


The most attractive mobile plan is included in One, the all-in pack.



Do you like the luxury of unlimited calls and texts? Of fast surfing without keeping track of your usage? Of watching TV on all your screens?


Get unlimited calls and SMS as well as 7 Gb 5 Gb of Data for 32€/month


Your customer account logo_myVOO

Already a VOOmobile customer? Track your mobile consumption and always keep an eye on usage outside your package via your customer account.

Discover myVOO

A whole range of inclusive services

Carte sim

Surf on your tablet wherever you are for €15/month (3 GB)



Calls / SMS **
€0,20 /minute or SMS
€0,25 /MMS
€0,10 /Mo
 With the Controlled Budget option, you no longer have to worry about consumption outside your package!
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Call number
070 xxx xxx
0900 xxx xxx
0901 xxx xxx
0902 xxx xxx
0903 xxx xxx
0904 xxx xxx
0905 xxx xxx
0905 1xx xxx
0906 xxx xxx
0907 xxx xxx
0909 xxx xxx
Maximum rate from a mobile (incl. VAT)
Max € 0, 30 /minute
Max € 0, 30 /minute
Max € 0, 30 /minute
Max € 1 /minute
Max € 1, 5 /minute
Max € 2 /minute
Max € 2 /call
Max € 2 /call
Max € 1 /minute
Max € 2 /minute
Max € 31 /call
Type of service
TV games
TV games
For adults
Text/MMS to special numbers
SMS number
Maximum rate from a mobile (incl. VAT)
Max 1€ per TEXT
Max 4€ per TEXT
Max 3€ per TEXT
Max 0€ per TEXT
Max 2€ per TEXT
Max 2€ per TEXT
Max 4€ per TEXT
Max € per TEXT
2€ per TEXT sent or received
Type of service
Services subject to charge
Services subject to charge
Payment services
Games, logos, ringtones
Games, logos, ringtones
TV games
For adults
Free services
Subscription service for logos and ringtones


Terms and conditions of the special offer

2GB/month of data free for 12 months for any new subscription to VOOmobile taken out between 29 January and 24 March 2019 inclusive: for the hero plan and the plans included in the ONE and TRIO TV+NET+Mobile Packs, this offer doubles the initial data volume. For the tatoo mobile plan, the volume goes up from 5 to 7 GB/month. For existing VOO customers, this offer is valid only when adding a mobile service to their subscription package. Offer does not apply to customers who have cancelled their VOOmobile subscription within the month preceding the subscription of the new contract or for any third party residing at the same address as such a customer. Offer not available in conjunction with other mobile deals.
Prices and specifications as at 01/01/2019.


In Belgium, call minutes, texts and data included in the offer are valid for all Belgian mobile and fixed networks.In the European Union, call minutes, texts and data included in the offer are valid for all Belgian and EU mobile and fixed networks for an additional charge (Calls made €0.038/min • Texts sent €0.012/text • Data €0.007/MB).However, no surcharge applies for the first 60 minutes of calls made, the first 60 texts sent and the first 200 MB of data used daily.In Belgium, calls are billed per second from the 61st second and data is charged in 10MB blocks for the first 100 KB. These call minutes, text messages and internet volume are not transferable to the following month and are not valid towards special numbers, premium rate numbers (voting, 0900, etc.) and services provided by third parties.

Rates for landline and mobile communications

Prices for communications, including VAT, per minute in euros. Billing is per second from the first second after the connection cost is applied (€0.1 excluding VAT).

Terms of hero

1000 call minutes or texts (1 minute is equal to 1 text), and 2 GB of data per month.

Terms and conditions of the One and tatoo mobile plans

The VOO "unlimited" offers are exclusively reserved for normal personal and private use. This normal use allows the customer to make intensive use of the services offered by VOO. Use that exceeds 6,000 minutes of calls or 6,000 text messages per month is considered as abnormal in that such consumption exceeds by more than 20 times the average monthly use of the VOO "unlimited" offers. In case of abnormal use, VOO will charge the customer a surcharge of € 0.20 per additional text message or call minute.

* The hero plan with 1000 minutes of calls or texts (1 minute equals 1 text) and 2 GB of data for €14 per month can be combined with the DataBoost option (8 GB for €8/month).

** Les appels vers le 078 sont inclus dans votre forfait ou facturés au tarif indiqué lorsque votre forfait est épuisé.

Rates for special numbers

New regulations for chargeable services via electronic communications networks (090x and 070) apply since 1 April 2008 and impose maximum rates for special calls.



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