<strong>Powerline adapter </strong>

Powerline adapter

Wi-Fi throughout your home thanks to the powerline adapter
109 ,00 €
Did you know
Mesh technology: requires the addition of a PLC wifi and allows to connect anywhere in the house with the most powerful connection.
Voo Your Wi-Fi doesn’t cover<br>
all the rooms in the house?

Your Wi-Fi doesn’t cover
all the rooms in the house?

Don't worry: there are solutions to help Wi-Fi waves overcome these issues Thanks to WiFI PLC (Power- Line Communication) , you can now extend your network to benefit from it throughout the house!
Voo Very simple<br>

Very simple

Say goodbye to annoying cables and software! The adapter is simply plugged into a socket and uses your electrical installation to send data, it works like magic!
Kit Booster Wifi

Kit Booster Wifi

2 adapters
109 ,00 € / month
Additional Wifi unit *

Additional Wifi unit *

1 adapter
79 ,00 € / month
Max. speed 2400 Mbps 2400 Mbps
Ethernet Connectors 1 + 2 2
Norme WIFI WIFI 5 + Mesh** WIFI 5 + Mesh**
Frequencies 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz
** Mesh: requires an additional wifi unit *Requires a Wifi Booster Kit

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