Our terms and conditions
Download and upload speed

The download and upload speeds depend on your IT hardware, your internal cabling and router. The speeds stated are available when connecting via a cable. The speeds may be lower when using a Wi-Fi connection.

Results of the Nperf analysis

Results based on the analysis carried out by Nperf’s Speedtest Intelligence for the period from 1 January to 31 December 2021.

Unlimited monthly volume

The VOO Unlimited Internet service offers are solely for private and personal use. The unlimited nature of the service cannot be assured, particularly in cases of fraud, dishonest usage, usage infringing the rights of third parties, particularly the intellectual property of third parties, or use that constitutes an abuse within the meaning of case law. The customer must have a eurodocsis 3.0-compatible VOO modem to be able to use the NET LIGHT, SUPER RELAX et GIGA MAX packs. Customers who subscribe to one of the above packs and who do not have a eurodocsis 3.0- compatible modem at the time of subscription, will have their current modem replaced by a eurodocsis 3.0 VOO modem free of charge.