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You don't make many calls. The Eco Soir & W-E Phone plan is a transparent formula with billing per second during the day and free landline calls in the evening, during weekends and on public holidays!
You and your family want to make unlimited calls. With the 24h/7 phone plan you can make free and unlimited calls to landline numbers in Belgium.

Services and options

The landline phone plan also includes 8 free services including the option to keep your current number, and 2 paying options: the International Option and the Landline to Mobile Option.

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The International Option
is included in the
TRIO wahoo,
and in One

The Landline to
Mobile Option
is included in the
TRIO tatoo packs.

Is the phone connected to the cable or the phone line?

The phone connection is very simple! The phone connection is very simple! VOO currently puts your phone calls through the cable distribution line and gives you the possibility to use your existing interior telephone wiring. It's up to you to choose. You can keep your old installation and your own phones.

VOO's Alarm Pack ensures that your distress signal always works!

You're curious about what happens in the event of a power cut. The siren of your alarm will work. However, what about the alarm or intrusion signal that is sent to the police, your security firm, or to your mobile phone?
You can rest assured thanks to VOO's Alarm Pack. VOO installs an emergency power supply in your home that allows your alarm to send a distress signal, even if the electrical installation in your home has been cut off.

Combine landline telephony with TV and/or Internet

Make calls at attractive rates and watch the best TV programmes

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Make calls at attractive rates and enjoy fast internet.

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