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Convertible laptop


Convertible laptop

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Digital quality channels, without a box, without a remote and without additional cables.

A simple solution for a 2nd TV

No external box or HDMI cable

No need for an installer

The benefits of the Digital TV Card

70 TV channels

Access to VOO's 70 digital TV channels

Find out more about the channels ›

HD Quality

The High Definition (HD) quality offers incredible picture and sound!


Low electricity consumption, it's win-win for you!

What do you need to
use the Digital TV Card?

A VOO TV subscription and
a compatible television

Is your television compatible with the Digital TV Card?

Please check the compatibility of your set in the list below...

*Please note: special characters (dashes, spaces, etc.) must be respected when entering the model of your TV.
Unfortunately, your TV is not compatible with the Digital TV Card.
The version xxx (or later) is installed on your TV. This version is compatible with the "Digital TV Card"
We do not have the information required to guarantee the compatibility of your television set. Take the detailed compatibility test here.
Please provide the brandmodel of your TV

Your TV set is certified VOOready

More info

Your TV may also be VOOready certified! This will make it easier to install the card in your TV.

More information about the VOOready certificate of the Digital TV Card (fr) >

How to subscribe to the Digital TV Card?

The Digital TV Card is on sale in our stores and costs € 69
Find the nearest point of sale