Ultra-fast internet for all.

Today, all our devices are connected, from our computers and smartphones to our tablets and consoles. Streaming offers very rich content (VOOmotion, Be tv Go, Netflix, Spotify, etc.), but it can be quite voracious when it comes to bandwidth. Whether for family or work (VOObusiness) never before has a powerful internet connection been as crucial.

A cable made for broadband.

Our internet connection offers you high speed surfing across Wallonia, thanks to our coaxial cable developed for broadband. Its innovative structure makes it possible to transfer very large amounts of data; unlike the telephone cable (ADSL and VDSL).

With speeds that will soon be approaching 400 Mbps, you will be able to download 1h of music in under 5 seconds, a 4K film in under 5 minutes and play your video game online without stuttering!

A future-proof network.

Unlike VDSL, whose speed decreases depending on the distance between your home and your local exchange, the coaxial cable guarantees the highest possible speed. What's more, being upgradeable, your internet connection may exceed 1,000 Mbps in a few years, without digging up all the pavements in your region!

The unlimited offer that really is unlimited.

Did you know that watching your favourite shows in 4K for two hours a day consumes almost 500 GB over the month? And a security camera up to 300 GB?

No problem for VOO! To meet all your needs, we offer you an internet connection with no volume restriction. Our power is your freedom.

help_bubble ? What's next?

Who will be eligible for this new speed and at what price?

We are finalising the details of the offer and will communicate the terms and conditions in the very near future. Whatever the case, all VOO customers will be technically capable of receiving this speed.

When will this speed be available in my area?

The transition to these speeds will take place this winter 2018, zone by zone. At this stage, the schedule is not yet established, but you will be personally informed when your zone is migrated. Rest assured, the change will be automatic.

Is my modem compatible with this new speed?

If you have a Technicolor modem, you will be able to reach this speed without any problem. If you have a Netgear, then the speed will be around 360Mbps. If the speed proves to be too slow for your needs, the modem may be exchanged free of charge.

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